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Are tattoo walk-ins welcome at Calgary Tattoo Company?
     Yes, walkins are welcome but on a first come first serve basis.
     if we can't get you in that day we will book you an appointment.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
     A good nights sleep, eating a solid meal, and having a shower are awesome steps to      prepare for your tattoo. Lotioning for a week or two prior, but NOT the day of is                recommended.

What should I wear for my tattoo session?

     Something that is comfortable for you to sit for the duration of the tattoo, and also          something that is easy to expose the area being tattooed.

Can I bring a friend with me?
     Typically yes, however we prefer if you keep it to one person, as there isn't tons of          space for extra people in the waiting area. Depending on gov restrictions, this can            possibly change.

Do I need a design consultation appointment?
     We are happy to take a few moments and consult with you about your design,                   please just call the shop to make sure the artist is there, then swing by to chat. it             also helps if you contact through our emails and send ideas, sketches or photos               there. Helps keeps things organized.

How much does it cost? Is there a minimum?
     Our minimum shop charge for 15 min or less with one needle is $120 plus tax.
     Our minimum shop charge for 15-45 min is $150 plus tax
     Anything beyond 45 min is charged at the individual hourly rate of each artist plus a        $40 shop fee, and then tax applied.

What if I’m late to the appointment or need to cancel?
    We book our appointments with a cash deposit.
    $100 for 1-3 hrs.
    $300 for 4 hrs and up, per day
    ( ie you book 3 sittings, 5hr days each, that's $300 per day for deposit)
    We appreciate notice if your going to be late, and will accommodate if we can,                  however some days there are more than one appointment, so we cannot guarantee         you will still get tattooed that day.
    We are happy to reschedule your appointment with at least 3 days notice. Less notice     than this will be considered a cancelation.
    Cancelations result in the loss of the deposit for that day.
    Clients later than one hour will automatically be considered a cancelation.

What is Calgary Tattoo Company’s refund policy?
    We do not refund deposits

I can’t decide what I want! any ideas?
    We are happy to come up with a vision for your idea, but we need a theme, or general     concept/word to go off of.

What should I consider when designing my tattoo?
     Composition, size, colour or black and grey, are all good things to think about.                  Our artists will always give you their best advice from experience.

How do I know my artist will do an excellent job?
     We invite you to look through the portfolios and pick the artist who's style and work        speaks to you. We expect the best from our artists in terms of professionalism,                customer service, and most importantly, sanitization and health safety.

Does a tattoo hurt?
     Always. Yes. The difference is how much.

Is it safe?
     Absolutely yes, but with any surgical style procedure, there are always risks involved

Is a tattoo really permanent?
     Unless you remove it with a laser or a butter knife, yes.

Can I get a tattoo over a scar tissue or stretch marks?
     Yes, but there can be limitations in the design, or composition.

What kind of inks do you use?
     We use a selection of brands, such as solid ink, dermaglo, eternal, intense inks and        fusion

Who/when should not get a tattoo?
     If you are taking medication for a condition, you should always consult with your              doctor before booking your tattoo appointment.
     Its highly recommended you do not get tattooed if the area of skin is irritated, rash or      sunburnt, or has fresh cuts, or the individual is sick.

Does Calgary Tattoo Company offer piercings?
     We do offer most regular piercings, from nose, ear, lip, belly button. We do NOT offer        dermals

Should I tip my artist?
     Of course we welcome any gratitude if you feel we provided our best here at calgary      tattoo company. We do also realize you are paying a respectable price for your piece,      so tips are always appreciated, but never expected.

Aftercare Qs
How do I care for my new tattoo?
     Traditional heal     
     1-2 hrs after appointment wash the tattoo gently with cool water and unscented               soap, and a second time before bed. Wash a third time the following morning.
     Pat it dry with a clean towel.
     The day after your tattoo, you can begin to lotion with unscented lotion ( we                      recommend lubriderm unscented)

      Second skin / Tegaderm / Saniderm heal
      do not touch it for 4-5 days
      do not pop any fluid bubbles
      do not push the fluid out the sides
      if you see any fluid leaking out, remove the bandage
      if you see a red rash or irritation causing issues around the bandage, remove as it           could be an allergy to the adhesive.
      Any questions or concerns please contact your artist directly or call the shop, we             are always happy to help. 
Can I get a new tattoo wet?
     It is fine to shower with the tattoo
     ABOSUTELY DO NOT bathe with your tattoo
     NO hot tubs, baths, pools, swimming in the salty sea.

Can I be in the sun after getting a tattoo?
     Yes as long as you protect your tattoo. your tattoo should not get sun exposure for at      least 2 weeks as the skin heals. you can get sun but your tattoo should stay covered        by a shirt or pants. Always use sunscreen ( but not within 2 weeks of a fresh tattoo)

Can I exercise with a new tattoo?
     That really depends on the tattoo and where you got it. check with your artist to be          sure.

Covid-19 Qs
What sterilization steps are taken at the shop?
     As per gov regulation we ask clients wear a mask upon arrival and sanitize hands.
     We do wipe downs with Cavicide, a regularly used hospital disinfectant.
     We have a commercial sized air filtration HEPA system that sterilizes the air, and            filters the full air volume of our shop over 11 times a day, killing any and all vapour        bacteria/viruses.

How often is the shop cleaned?
    Each station after every single tattoo is finished.

Is the equipment used reused and cleaned?
     Only the wash bottles and the tattoo machine are reused and those are wiped down        with cavicide after each use. All other components are single use, pre sterilized              equipment.

Is there sanitizer and masks available on site?
    We do provide masks and sanitizer, but do ask if its possible to please bring your own

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